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Dong Jiang Gang


Tianjin, China


Dong Jiang Gang, designed by studio LFA, is envisioned as a self-sustained and dynamic urban community. The end result is a neighborhood, which meets development capacity and related infrastructure needs while providing for all of the conveniences of modern living.

The inspiration for the Dong Jiang Gang Vanke’s Development Master Plan is to create an exemplary community that enhances the natural beauty of Tianjin, setting new benchmarks for design excellence and sustainability, in harmony with the environment. This Master Planned Community is proposed as a world-class community that embraces the harmonious entwining of a sustainable habitat for humans, flora and fauna alike. The ultimate measure of this endeavor’s success is the conveyance of an improved quality of life for its residents, a healthful, secures, cultured and agreeable lifestyle where the elusive hope for sensible living can finally be fulfilled.

The urban fabric provides a number of view corridor axis from the water’s edge stretching as far inland as possible, benefitting all residents not just those privileged enough to live on the water as in most traditional waterfront developments.  High-density housing types and mixed-use buildings surround civic spaces creating formal public squares.

The design of the shoreline and parks offers a series of unique spaces that create a distinct relationship with the sea by way of beach areas, new rocky headland, different piers, a waterfront promenade, swimming areas, fishing points, meeting places, multifunctional pavilions, and a small marina for boats, all paying careful attention to local materials and vegetation.

The architectural language is contemporary, simple and elegant. The use of local materials and the consolidation of the existing shoreline vegetation give an authentic flavor to these modern creations. Pieces of contemporary public art interact throughout the design of the shoreline and parks merge them with the urban design and architecture into a holistic masterpiece. Plazas, cultural gardens, multifunctional pavilions and public gathering spaces, community and performance will showcase the richness of the cultural heritage of Tianjin’s natural flora and fauna. The design creates a unique recreational public space for neighbors and visitors that protects and promotes the natural beauty of the area.

The use of local materials and native plants are a fundamental aspect for sustainability in Dong Jiang Gang. Special attention to architectural design has been given and utilities have been chosen to ensure that the project has the potential to become a self sustainable community, utilizing natural resources that harness the re-use energy where possible, as well as providing water re-cycling and grey water use for irrigation and water features.

Dong Jiang Gang represents the latest effort between studio LFA in association with Plus Urbia along with a team of local and international consultants.

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