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Fannin Station


Houston, Texas


Fannin Station is a 65-acre neighborhood development, by InTown Homes with a design driven by studio LFA. Located in the city of Houston, Texas, Developer Frank Liu visions was inspired on the traditional urban town houses of pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that not only foster a sense of true community, but also are able to grow and mature over time. At the heart of the plan, the design recreates a community green that house a retention lake, surrounded by jogging trails, passive and active public spaces with a variety of amenities that would attract a diverse Fauna and Flora to the community.

The development’s homes are inspired on the traditional town homes around the country as well as contemporary elements comprised of a mix of housing types including single-family homes, cottages, garage apartments, and live-work units. The diversity in housing types, combined with a wide range of affordability results in a neighborhood that meets the needs of an assortment of lifestyles.

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