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Dawesville, Western Australia


Panorama is an urban village comprised of three neighbourhoods and is located 74 km southwest of Perth, Australia. Design by studio LFA and developed by Beyond 3000 Company, Panorama will eventually become a village intent on improving the health and well-being of its residents.

Situated along the Indian Ocean the Panorama site features the spectacular flora and fauna of the nearby Dawesville Estuary and Yalgorup National Park located on the western edge of the Swan coastal plain, south of the Dawesville Channel.

Projected to attract a range of residents in both age and income, the Panorama project will feature a variety of housing types and mixed-use buildings which will be organized around a series of public and open spaces all within walking distance of the daily needs of its residents.

Each neighbourhood created in the plan of Panorama is inspired by the topography and vegetation of the site and will focus on an interconnected network of pedestrian oriented streets and parks. A primary axis will form the main approach flanked by a commercial street anchored by the Town Centre. This axis will be oriented to take advantage of majestic views towards the Estuary and Yalgorup National Park.

Much of the water’s edge, which will remain community owned and will offer a variety of experiences and recreational activities including but not limited to fishing platforms, jetties, boardwalks, walking and cycling trails. The plan will also preserve and protect indigenous scenic sites and open spaces allowing them to become the primary open space amenities for the community. Beyond 300 acknowledges the traditional owners of the land and its indigenous people and are committed to building a trusting, collaborative and supportive relationship with the sacred sites and special places of the Aboriginal people.

Panorama represents a collaborative effort between studio LFA leading the planning and architectural design with RobertsDay heading the planning forum with a team of local consultancies. Future development codes will be based on the SmartCode®.

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03-Panorama Master Plan

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