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Point Grey


Dawesville, Western Australia

In Progress

Point Grey is a coastal village of 275 hectares overlooking the Dawesville channel in Western Australia designed by studio LFA. Currently Port Bouvard Ltd. plans to develop the community transforming the site into a vibrant tourist centre and residential village driven by a world-class marina providing direct accessibility to the water set within a natural bushland setting.

Point Grey is located along a stunning peninsula surrounded by the Peel Inlet and the Harvey Estuary in the Shire of Murray. Located approximately 20 km west of the Pinjarra town site and 35 km southeast of the Mandurah city centre. Upon completion of the Bunbury-Perth Highway, the Point Grey project will be ideally located adjacent to major transport routes into Perth and to the southwest making it an attractive destination for approximately 6,500 residents.

The Point Grey master plan will permanently preserve the rural open space green belt currently separating the neighbourhoods. Access to the village is provided through a rural landscaped avenue that begins at the ridgeline above the village and a second along the Estuary. Strategy in locating the avenues played a large role in order to promote views of the bay and into the village centre.

The length of the main street will be limited in order to preserve the overall character of the village. A diverse range of housing will be offered with the main typologies being apartments and attached residential unit types. A mix of detached single-family types will range from small cottages to large villas. These residences are built along greens similar to the main village green and are always oriented to preserve views of the water.

In special circumstances stewardship lots are provided in order to allow land conservation through private ownership. These residences sit within the forest and are coded in order to allow for specific sitting limiting their footprints as not to disturb the natural landscape.

The design of Point Grey represents a collaborative effort between studio LFA leading the planning and architectural design with RobertsDay heading the planning forum with a team of local consultancies to follow development codes created during the workshop.

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