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Rockingham City Centre


Rockingham, Western Australia


The City of Rockingham, in conjunction with the department of planning and infrastructure, has completed a major review of planning to guide the development of the Rockingham Strategic Regional Centre.

The result of this review will be an indefinable Urban Centre, with the ability to provide major Central Business District (CBD) functions to over 275,000 people.  The Rockingham City Centre is envisioned as multi-use destination integrating a mix of uses including retail, commercial, office, civic, residential, educational and recreational with a highly connected, urban-scaled cityscape based on “Main Street Principles.”

Within the proposed plan is a transit alignment as well as a Development Design Plan for the entire study area.  Included in this plan are proposals for the integration of an existing shopping centre expansion by relocating an existing cinema to the newly improved street wall in order to activate additional pedestrian and business related activity on the new Main Street.  The project also identifies future opportunities to introduce highly attractive public spaces to create a high-quality mixed-use city centre forming the framework for a contiguous street frontage, which generates a true sense of place.

This project was coordinated in conjunction with RobertsDay with the design completed by studio LFA in association with Retail Leasing Solutions and a team of local consultants.

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